Honey Maid: Love

Fuck homophobes. This is fucking beautiful and if you don’t watch this then your loss. But this is a  see that should be shared around the world. Reblog this shit.

I finally came out.

to my mom, my dad and my best friend of 16 years. All of my other friends have always known I’m bisexual. They were all open minded and/or bi, pan, gay etc. I was raised and strictly taught catholic…not to get into THAT, but you get the picture; I was raised by homo hating heteros. They always downed and bashed my sexually open friends. And no matter how hard I stood up for them (and quietly myself) they never listened, always shot me down. But now that I’m truly falling for Allison, I knew it was time. I truly care for Alli, she’s my girl. I love us together, all of our true soul connection, the being able to make each other stronger by being together, bolder in new areas of life together, teaching each other what we once thought was impossible. My mother denies me and my quote-unquote “choices”. But they’re not choices, they’re true feelings…almost as true as sitting here spilling my heart out on a website, for whoever to see. But I don’t care. I came out, something I thought I was going to have to hide forever. Will my mom ever come around? Fuck, who knows? And frankly, I don’t care if she ever does, because Allison has made me feel unstoppable. She’s the missing piece that others struggle to find their whole lives, I truly believe she is my soul mate. I’ve never felt more powerful, corageous, beautiful, strong. She brings out the best in me, and I in her. She is, my girl.

I’ve always been attracted to girls.

and I’ve had my fair share of hooking up with girls, but never dated one. Never been so attracted to a girl that I’d even consider dating one…it’s always just been physical…but today at my new job I met a girl who works there, and she made something inside me spark. So I stayed late after work to get her number (something I’ve never done) and asked what she was doing tonight for Valentines day. She said she was going out to dinner with a girl in a little bit after work. I was kind of disappointed in that until she corrected and made sure she told me that this girl wasn’t her girlfriend, and that she was single. So I asked her to do something with me tonight. She smiled so big and looked excted. And this may be the beginning of my first REAL ‘thing’ with another girl…I’m not scared…or nervous, just happy and excited. Besides the questions in my head; Am I legitimately bi-sexual now, bi-curious. I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just content.